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trust in homeopathy

Patty Regalia was born in San Francisco and raised in Marin County where she now lives. Her latest experience with preschool children coupled with her passion for preventing disease, gave her the incentive to study homeopathic medicine. During her teaching years she realized that too many children were put on antibiotics for ear infections and knew they could be treated with safe non-toxic medicines to not only prevent ear infections, but to cure them permanently. She focuses her practice on children but also enjoys working with adults dealing with complex and chronic ailments as well as acute.


Nupath (National Association of Professional Homeopaths)

Canadian International Heilkunst Association

National Center for Homeopathy


Hahnemann College for Homeopathy & Heilkunst

Successfully achieved a Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst.   This diploma includes Philosophy and Principles, Materia Medica and Case Examples, Case taking Methods and analysis/Management, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Drug-Herb Nutrient Interactions, Anatomy, Dynamic Physiology, Cellular Pathology and my Clinical Internship.  This is a four-year program.

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