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Discover for yourself the extraordinary benefits of homeopathy a natural medicine with Patty Regalia. The following are testimonials from current or prior patients that eloquently speak for themselves.


Chino Hills | Nov 03, 2017

Patty is an attentive and patient listener who really wants to help patients improve their lives by understanding their needs and their individual symptoms. She is committed to her patient's well being and rigorous and thorough in getting to the relevant information that allows her to treat the patient in the most effective manner. She is always researching new information and readily shares the same with her patients. I have worked with Patty for both my son (HFA) and myself. 



Meghan in Irvine, CA | Oct 20, 2017

My two oldest children have an Autism diagnosis and homeopathy has been amazingly effective in reducing their symptoms of autism. The results were particularly impressive for my son who made 6-12 months of speech therapy progress in 2 months after we started homeopathy. His SLP had just assessed him, created new goals for 6 months, and he met them ALL in a month. 3 months later he no longer needed individual speech therapy and was in the 'normal range' for the first time in his life.



Sue in Fairfax, CA | Oct 20, 2017

Patty is a skilled holistic healer. Her depth of knowledge and spiritual connectivity combine to create complete wellness - body, mind and soul. She has improved the quality of life for my family and I am confident she can do the same for yours!!

FT, California | May 2019

I wanted to share some good news with you. Last month at the IEP meeting, the school said that my son will be able to graduate high school with diploma track, that means that he would graduate high school next year like regular kids. I was happy to hear that and I would like to thank you Patty for helping healing my son.

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