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One of the greatest gifts of this treatment for me has been to see the incredible progress in autism and behavioral disorders. Using the timeline we can go back and reverse damage done by vaccines using safe non-toxic remedies and clearing the iatrogenic diseases (drug diseases) caused by too many vaccines along with many other causes of this disease. I support the concept of vaccines and therefore can offer a painless safe non-toxic alternative to conventional vaccines. I also feel it is important for future parents to make an educated decision about vaccines and the alternatives available to them even before the birth of their children.

Patty Regalia, HD



“The sequential homeopathy approach is very effective and gives me more tools to use. I am trained in both Classical Homeopathy and Heilkunst.” - Patty Regalia, HD





Homeoprophylaxis provides an oral dose of an infinitesimal amount of the virus or disease material, which triggers the body’s natural defense mechanism. It is highly recommended that infants and young children whose immune systems are not yet fully developed use the homeoprophylaxis.


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